Hitman Holla’s real name is Gerald Fulton Jr. As of 2022 he has a net worth of $3 Million. He is the most popular U.S combat rapper with his unbeatable song lyrics and amazing aggressive stage performances. His source of income is being a battle rapper. He is very popular among youth for his aggressive performance on the stage.

Hitman Holla’s Net Worth

As of 2022 Hitman Holla’s net worth is projected to be about $3 million.

Hitman Holla’s Early Life’ Date of Birth

Hitman was born on the 29th of March, 1988, in St Louis, Missouri, USA. Both of his parents Gerald Fulton and Sue Fulton were African-American heritage family gave birth to him. He is the biggest fan of basketball and in reality, he had played basketball during his college life.


Hitman Holla has studied with a scholarship at California State University, Northridge. He was more interested in sports earlier. He loves playing basketball very much. In fact, he has played basketball while he was studying in college.

Hitman Holla Rapping Career and Net worth

As he grew up and matured he find rapping more interesting than sports. So he started taking interest in the rap field and music. He was much inspired by listening to X-Factor and Mook songs. He was inspired by their incredible lyrics and gritty vocal.

He was the second rap battle artist to compete as he made his debut on the MTV show “Wild ‘N Out” As a result of his singularity he rose to prominence and then he collaborated with a new rapper named Jeff and released his new album “Diddy Dum Dum”.

Hitman Holla debuts his rapping career by participating in the Flight Club League. his first rap fight was with Remy D. He gradually improved his rapping skills and gained popularity among his fans after beating Bill Collector. Then he started taking part in the battle leagues such as Battle America and SMACK/URL.

No doubt rapping is a tough field to excel in and compete in. Hitman has also faced tough rappers as an opponent. In his rapping career, he has fought against Hollow Da Don, Cassidy, Math Hoffa, Arsonal, Goodz, and Conceited, among others. When competing in the rap battles he has seen both success and defeat as this is part of any rap fight and any competition.

After threatening to beat one of the band’s members, Forbes he was banned from playing in SMACK/URL. He appeared in the 6th season of the hit show Wild ‘N Out. Following Conceited he was the second fighting rapper.

Besides the rapping field, he also appeared in the 2020 film “She Ball”. He released his first single “Ball Game” on June 11, 2013. The album is available on Amazon for $8.91.

His brother is also a famous rapper before Hitman Holla debuted. His father also attends his various rap battle and enjoy them. His mother is a breast cancer survivor and in support of his mother, Hitman Holla once shaved his head. He is much inspired by his mother. He regularly donates some of his income to the cancerous patients as he knew its value.

Hitman Holla’s Net Worth

Hitman Holla’s net worth is estimated at about $3 million as of 2022. His main source is rapping but he also earns money from his cloth brand named “Ball Game”. His estimated salary of $30K from a single rap battle.

Hitman Holla’s Height and Weight

He is 6 feet 8 inches tall (2.03 meters).

His weight s 165 lbs (75 kg).

Hitman Holla’s Girlfriend

Hitman Holla is currently dating Cinnamon. She is the brand ambassador for Lash U Studio. Holla frequently shares his girlfriend’s picture with him on Instagram. Recently the couple launched a YouTube channel in which they share their story as a couple.


Hitman Holla’s Instagram ‘ Social Accounts

He has 1.5 million followers on Instagram with many sponsorships. He was much interested in advancing his YouTube channel instead of Instagram. He has 23,700 subscribers on his YouTube channel. Instagram is easy to navigate and he uploaded seven videos over three years ago each of them receiving a good amount of views.

He is on Instagram as @hitmanholla


  1. What is Hitman Holla’s net worth?

He has a net worth of $3million.

    2.  How old is Hitman Holla?

As of 2022, He is 33 years old.

3. How tall Hitman Holla is?

He is 6 feet 8 inches(2.03 meters)

4. Who is Hitman holla’s girlfriend?

He is currently dating Cinnamon.


Hitman Holla is a famous emerging battle rap singer. He is very famous for his aggressive performance and unbeatable songs lyrics. He has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022. He is currently dating Cinnamon.


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