Jackman Thomas Harlow famously known as Jack Harlow is a famous American rapper songwriter popularly known for his track like Sundown, Dark Knight, and Wasted Youth. Jack Harlow’s height “5 feet 9 inches”. He is primarily famous for his song “What’s Poppin” which went viral and ranked second in the Billboard hot 100 and now mostly played song on the tick-tock is Baby with Lil Nas X currently the most famous song on the social media platform. Further about his life height weight career is given below.

Jack Harlow Height, Weight

Jack Harlow Height in feet

“5 feet 9 inches”

Jack Harlow Height in centimeters

“180 cm”

Jack Harlow Weight

Jack Harlow weight is ” 72 kg “

These are the height and weight of Jack Harlow as per given information. To learn about 42 Dugg height biography click here

Jack Harlow  Birthday And Early Life

Jack Harlow was born on 13th March 1998 in in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. His parents are Maggie Harlow and Brian. His mother is a business woman and he wo brought up in horse farm. His parents are loving to him and grew him up as a good child.

Jack Harlow Career

Both of his parents are music lover and his mother is keen interested in the hip-hop music. At the age of 12 years he moved to Shelbyville along with his family then he start taking interest in the music field. His close friend helped him alot in the music field.

Jack started working on recording music songs along with his friend by just using Mic recorder and Laptop. He released his first album in 2011 mix tape “Extra Credit” and sold the all CD,S in the school where he studied. He was so passionate in the work that he released other album in November 2015 while completing his high school. There is no information about his college whether he complete it or not but it is confirmed that he has completed his high school.

Later on pursuing his career to the professional career he released many albums such as Gazebo ‘ Private Garden and   in August 2018 he signed Generation and DJ Drama

For pursuing his music career with homies he went on many tour. Then he successfully open “Rock man Portugal The Man”

To find more career opportunities he recreated hop-hop Atlanta so here linked with many professional fellows KY Engineering so he was introduced to the more audience. He was introduced to head or  executive of DJ Drama . So from here started getting more famous to the audience.

Turning Point Of His Life

Jack was slowly coming near to his dream of becoming a successful and famous rapper.  After a half year working he released  his first major album “Loose”

He released recently in 21 January 2021 a single track“Whats Poppin” which proved the turning point of his life as it was mostly viewed on Youtube 100+million views and 360 millions views on Spotify.

After the release of this track he got famous over the night. Now he release his songs on the YouTube chanel getting the millions views there.

Jack Harlow Net Worth

According to the resources it is said that Jack has net worth of $5 million as of 2022. He is improving day by day and getting more popularity in his work.

Jack Harlow Girl Friend ‘ Relationship Status Controversies

Jack Harlow is still single and not married yet . But it has been rumored that he is dating a famous tik tolk star Addison Roy but he never confess his relationship publically. Later she also confirmed that she is also single and not dating him.


Some Facts About Jack Harlow

1 Jack released his first album in 2014 ” Finally Handsome

He has net worth of $ 5 million doller.

Basket ball is his favourite sport.

As of December 2020 he has monthly 18 million listener on spotify.

5 He is also an Enterpreneurer and sells on his official channel.

6 He has 1.5 million follower on the Instagram.

7 He owns many brand including New balance.

Jack Harlow Instagram Social Accounts

Jack Harlow has instagram account @jackharlow with the 1.5 million followers. He is among the famous rapper in the USA and very popular among is followers and his popoularity is increasing day by day.


1 What is Jack Harlow’s height ?

He is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

2 What is Jack Harlow’s weight ?

He is of 72 kg

3 Is Jack Harlow gay ?

He has not claimed it yet publically.

4 What is the age of Jack Harlow ?

He is 23 years old


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