Linda Tripp salary was about $20k per year while serving in the public affairs office in the Pentagon and The White House.

Linda Tripp Salary, Net Worth

At the time of Linda Tripp’s death, her net worth was estimated about $40 million. She has grossed most of her net worth very well while serving the White House and the Pentagon. While serving in the public affairs office in the Pentagon, Linda Tripp salary was about $20k per year.

Linda is the owner of the Christmas Sleight, which is her holiday store. She accumulated his multi-million net worth through her business ventures and long-term service in the Pentagon and White House.

Linda Tripp Early Life

Linda Tipp was born on 24 November 1949, in Jersey City, New York. She was a single kid to her parents. Her father was a Science and Maths school teacher and her mother was a German. In 1968, Linda’s parents were divorced.

Education, Personal Life

Linda Trip graduated from the Hanover Park High School that is in East Hanover, New Jersey. After completing her education, She worked as a secretary in Army Intelligence at Fort Maeda in Maryland.

After a relationship of three years, Linda Tripp married a military officer “Bruce Tripp”. They were blessed with two kids, a son, and a daughter, However, this marriage was not successful at all and they were divorced in 1990.

After that She worked in Pentagon. Then Linda was removed from the White House and transferred to Pentagon in the Public Relation.

 Linda Tripp’s Salary, Career

Linda Trip’s first professional career was Secretary in Army Intelligence. In 1987, she got transferred to the Pentagon and worked there in Public relations.

During the George H. W. Bush administration, Linda was appointed as a White House employee. She continued her service till the Bill Clinton  Presidency, 1993.

Linda was transferred from the White House to the Pentagon in the public relations office in 1994. Here She formed good relations with Monica Lewinsky, who was working as an Intern at the Pentagon and was very younger than her.

Linda got $20,000 more than her former salary while working in Public Relations at the Pentagon.

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Linda’s Involvement In The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

It has been described earlier that while working in the White House Linda got into a good relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Monica told her sexual relationship with Bill Clinton to Linda Tripp. Later, Linda began recording phone calls between Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Monica Lewinsky cased against Linda of betrayal. Later when she was claiming that she had no sexual relationship with Bill Clinton, Linda revealed the recorded tape before the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr in 1998.

Linda Tripp’s action in this regard caused a historical sensation for the 42nd President Bill Clinton. She got fired from the Job when Clinton’s administration ended in 2001.

Lewinsky’s last few words about Linda were “I hate Linda Tripp”

Linda Tripp’s Salary, Net Worth

At the time of her death, Linda Tripp has an estimated net worth of $40 million. She earned most of her net worthwhile working in the White House and the Pentagon.

She was paid a yearly salary of $20k per year while working in the Pentagon and the White House.

Linda Tripp was also a business owner. She had opened a small business store named “The Christmas Sleigh” and was making a handsome amount from this small business store.

Linda Tripp’s Marriage, Second Husband, Children

Linda Tripp tied a knot with a German Architect “Dieter Rausch” in 2004 after divorcing Bruce. This lovely couple didn’t have any children.

Linda Tripp’s Death

Linda Died of Pancreatic Cancer in April 2004.


Linda Tripp was an American Public servant who had worked in the Pentagon as well as in the White House. In early her career she had worked as a secretary in the Miltary Intelligence. She also had a small business named Christmas Sleigh. Linda has two children from her first husband and had no children from her second husband who was a German Architect.

Linda Tripp was involved in a controversy against President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s sexual scandal. Due to this, She was fired from the Job.

At the time of her death, Linda has a net worth of about $40 million and she gained a $20’000 salary per year while working in the Pentagon and White House.

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