Simon is an entrepreneur, businessman, and movie producer. He is an entrepreneur with 10 years of experience and he has built SIMCOL Petroleum with a national footprint. His net worth is summed to be above $40 million according to biography daily. His net worth is claimed to be over $1 million all over the news.

What is the net worth of Simmon Guobadia?

Summon Guobadia’s net worth is summed to be above $40 million according to biography daily. His net worth is claimed to be over $1 million all over the news. He is a famous businessman. Let’s discuss his biography and early life.  He is a well-known executive producer businessman.


Simon Date of Birth Early life and Biography

There is not much known about his early life. Simon Guobadia was born on June 2, 1964, in Georgia, United States. He belongs to Nigerian family heritage.


Simon’s Education

Simmon has studied at Loyola College Ibada based in Nigeria. After his basic education, he moved to The United States and joined the University of the District of Columbia. He came out as a graduate from the University majoring in accounting In 1993.

Simon Guobadia Career and Net worth

Simon Guobadia moved to The United States four decades before in the 1970s. Here in The USA, he began his career as a  tax manager at an Atlanta-based company, Deloitte, from 2004-to 2006. He was very passionate about his work. In 2007 he started working as the CEO of “SIMCOL Group” Petroleum Limited Company.

In January he got an association with KLC Petroleum Transport LLC where he was the CEO at the time.

Simon is also an active producer and has produced Aa few movies. Some of the notable films he has produced are “Jail Dogs,” Buckhead Theatre”, “Kill, and “Son of the South”. 

Besides doing all this working as a successful businessman and producer but his main interaction was Restaurants. Simon’s restaurants debuted in 2017 but closed soon due to the pandemic Covid 19.

Simon owes a lot of his fortune to his other competitors. While talking to Bravo Insider He said following

“I own a Petroleum and Logistics business. And I have different investments, restaurants and nightclubs, barbershops. Actually, that is a joke. I don’t own a barbershop,”

Simon is also a friend and business associate with Porsha’s ex-fiance and entrepreneur Dennis McKinley. They spend mother’s day with Porsha together. Simmon donates regularly from his income to his local faith community, including Northpoint Ministries. To also King Von’s biography height net worth click here

Simon Guobadia Net worth

Simon is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is having the highest position on SIMCOL Group and SIMCOL Petroleum. Though his annual earnings have not yet come out, he is definitely getting a good amount from the company. Simon Guobadia’s personal net worth is estimated to be over $40 million.

Who is Simon Guobdia Wife, Falynn Guobadia, Personel Life , Kids

Simon Guobadia married Falynn on July 14, 2019, at Hyatt Regency’s Villa Christina. Falynn was the reality star. It is interesting to note that both of their weddings were second marriages.

Simon has 5 kids from his previous marriage, and he has 3 kids from Falynn.

It is rumored that the couple is facing marital problems. They don’t follow each other on social media and Simon went on a vacation without Falynn. It is just rumored but not yet any official statement comes from both sides.

Simon filed for divorce from Falynn in Jan 2021 for the first time. Falynn and Simon announced their divorce publicly on April 22. After two years of marriage and five years of friendship, Simon and I have taken the tough decision to go our separate ways as it is so difficult to go away from each other.

It is just come to know that Simon has proposed to Porsha William. They are in insane love as she posted it on Instagram I realize it’s fast but we are making most of each day. Just focusing on positive energy turning off all bad energy I choose happiness every morning and every night.


Simmon is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He also has produced some films. He is the father of five kids from his first wife and three from his second wife. He is the CEO of “SIMCOL Group” Petroleum Limited Company.”


1 What is the Age of Simon  Guobadia?

He is 57 years old.

2 What is Simon Guobadia’s wife’s name?

His wife’s name is Falynn Guobadia.

3 What is Falynn Guobadia’s net worth?

Her net worth exceeds $25 million.

4 What is Simon Guobadia’s net worth?

He has a net worth of more than $ 40 million.





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